Frequently Asked Questions


Can you describe a regular photo session?

Normally, we talk over the phone prior to scheduling the photo-shoot. I will ask you some questions because I want to know what type of photo session you have in mind. Some people know what they want, but others are not sure yet. I ask my clients if there is a particular location that they would like to use for the photo-shoot, and if not I suggest a location such as a park or the beach. Shooting on location gives us more options compared to shooting in a studio. Feel free to ask questions or share your ideas. 

The day of the photo session goes fast. We meet at the location or studio, and we shoot as much as we can. Please, come ready to the session since we need to maximize our time together. By the way, sleep well the night before because it will show on your skin. Eat before the session and bring some snacks with you. We’ll be taking short breaks.

After the photo session, I’ll give you access to a private online gallery with all the pictures taken. You will pick the pictures that you want me to edit. My goal is to enhance the images in a way that still looks natural. Photo processing might include skin smoothing, cropping, white balance, and exposure adjustment. In addition, I do convert some pictures to black and white, or sepia tone. When I’m done processing the images, I’ll prepare an online album, and I'll email a link that allows you to download the images. Professional quality prints are also available.

What do you recommend me to wear for the photo session?

Solid colors work well, but there are no rules set in stone. Wear something that makes you feel good - such as your favorite colors and different textures of clothes. Bring extra outfits since it will also depend on your mood at that moment. Consider that light colors reflect more light while dark colors absorb it. Keep accessories to a minimum, but wear something that is meaningful to you. The same goes for designs, logos, and patterns, they tend to be distracting in pictures.

What about hair and makeup?

In the past I used to offer hair and makeup for an extra fee, but most of my clients prefer to do their own. Now, I ask my clients to come to the photo session with hair and makeup already done. This way, you have the option to do the preparation on your own, or hire someone that you feel comfortable with. Some clients ask about the amount of makeup that is appropriate. It depends upon whether you’re used to wearing a lot of makeup or not. I recommend wearing the amount of makeup that makes you feel comfortable. Think about the type of look you want for the pictures. For a glamorous look you may need to wear more makeup than usual, but for a natural and softer look, not much makeup is needed. However, eye lash extensions always look good in the camera. 

What is the difference between what you do and that done in a photo studio at the mall?

I spend more time with my clients during and before the photo session. Most studios offer cookie cutter services and focus on quantity of clients. Instead, I prefer quality, and I don’t mind spending time with my clients creating beautiful images. Studios are satisfied with their clients saying “cheese” to the camera. However, I take the time to capture an emotion or the perfect moment. I do not take pictures of how people look, but of who they truly are. My service is personalized. 

Why should I hire a photographer?

When you hire a professional, you’re paying for what they know, the service/time provided, and the professional equipment used. We live in an era where almost everyone has a camera, yet not all people are able to make beautiful, evocative images since they do not all have the same knowledge and experience.You’re not just paying for a picture taken with a nice camera. You’ll be paying for an experience and for capturing a memory that will last a lifetime. Don’t compromise with the quality of the service when a beautiful picture is priceless.   

What can you tell me about your service and experience?

My goal us to provide my clients with a pleasant experience - not just selling pictures. I give the type of service that I wish to receive as a client. I’ve ten years of experience shooting different types of photography such as portraits, commercial, and events. I’ve worked with independent magazines, and  I work well with both natural and artificial light. I also have an education and training in photography from the New York Institute of Photography.



“Use your camera as a painter might use a paintbrush, the difference being that a painter starts with a blank canvas, and a photographer with a full one.” – J. Buissink